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Using Artificial Intelligence to Make
Your Workplace and Work From Home More Productive.

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At Ainon, we believe great software sits at the crossroads between everyday convenience, and cutting-edge technology. That’s why we built Ainon to be an intelligent program you can trust to take on a large portion of your workload. It’s also why we made it so easy to use.

The team at PivotAI consists of AI developers, visionaries, and front-end developers who each believe AI can make work more efficient and fulfilling for our users. We are known for our work with Fortune 500 companies in the legal field, healthcare, and business. Our parent company is Pivot, a software company renowned for its innovations in the Fintech industry. Pivot and its founders have been in business since 1967.

The solutions we use to solve “big company” problems are the same ones we spin off as unique products of their own. Ainon is one of those solutions.

A Personal Message From
Chief Product Officer Keith Carroll

“We create innovative tools to make our own work easier.
If they can be helpful to others, we bring them to market.”

That is our philosophy. And Ainon perfectly embodies it. Ainon was born out of necessity.

During one of our biggest projects to date, our team quickly ran into a tricky problem: we needed to redact thousands of documents so that our developers could work with them and discuss them without PII.

Simply put, we were an innovative team up against a lot of work with looming deadlines! OCR solutions just didn’t cut it. Being developers at our core, our solution was to invent a new artificial intelligence using computer vision that scanned thousands of PDF pages and let us redact anything from them instantly.

Because we used AI for anonymization, we called the platform Ainon!

When we saw how helpful and affordable this new solution was, We knew other people could use Ainon to save hundreds of hours of work, too.

The most exciting thing (perhaps) is that Ainon is simply *one* of the many solutions we are currently developing. We’re always interested in new ideas, new partnerships, and feedback from our appreciated customers.

That’s why I’d like to invite you to contact me, Keith Carroll, at kcarroll@pivotai.com any time – and I’ll be happy to provide you with more information about Ainon and the team behind it.

Thank you,